Balivara OFFER is an non – government organisation that believes in enabling self reliance and is committed to working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on women and children.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to enhance the quality of life of the marginalized through Capacity Building and Skill Development without disturbing the ecological harmony and maintaining the human values as well.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to create self-reliant villages without disturbing the eco-harmony and cultural heritage by making the people aware of different economic, socio-political and ecological issues affecting the village life. The Society also capacitates the people by enriching their knowledge and upgrading their skill to attain secured sustainable livelihood in a few areas of Gangetic alluvium zone and Lateritic zone.


  • To develop sustainable agriculture based on ecofriendly method as well as to protect environment and bio-diversity
  • To promote self employment through skill development for the WSHG as well as to facilitate the marketing chain
  • To improve the health and sanitation facilities
  • To upgrade the knowledge status of the people by providing value base Education
  • To empower the women for the purpose of gender equity
  • To promote Self Help Groups (SHG) and make arrangement of credit for augmenting their income by adopting various kinds of economic activities for maintaining livelihood
  • To render consultancy service to the others
  • To publish various resource materials for the beneficiaries
  • To receive Grants, Donation, Aid, Loan, etc. from Government, non-government, corporate and any other agencies for furtherance of the development of the marginalized

Legal Status:

  • Registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961 [No. – S/ 82653 dated 06/02/1996]
  • Registered U/S under 12A: Number – DIP (E)/S-97 // 8E/118/03-04 dated 16th February 2003
  • PAN – AAAAB3932B
  • Registered under U/S 80G: DIT(E)/8(E)/ 118/ 03-04/ 2759–276 dated 23rd January 2013
  • Empanelled in TISS NCSRHub, Ref: Hub Code: B/04/13/03/289

Four Pillar Of The Organisation :

  • Gender equity: Men and Women are equal in status, but are identical. They are the peerless pair being complementary to one another; each helps the other so that without one, the existence of the other cannot be conceived. Therefore due considerations are to be given to the men and women in any existence.
  • People’s Participation: At all stages of development process involvement of target people has to be ensured. The people would have performed even most of the action program with their own resources by applying indigenous technology to the extent possible.
  • Bio-diversity and Environment: Human behaviour is being changed due to imbalance in eco-system and socio-economic inequalities as prevailing today in the society. Land, water, forest & environment degradation is posing serious threat to the livelihood of the poor people. Fragile ecological balance is well evident in areas dominantly inhabitant by tribal that are supposed to live more with the nature. Keeping in view of this unfavorable development, all the production system has to be eco-friendly and no way should the biodiversity be further disturbed.
  • Value Base culture: The moral improvement and social development are being considered to create value based society, where people will at least perform their responsibilities and aware of their rights as well.