Human Resource Development

Human Resources

It is imperative to interact with the staff regularly. In each Saturday staff and members use to sit and interact themselves on different development issues prevailing at micro level as well as macro level. Besides, some of the staffs have been sent to different institute / places [Various NGOs, NUJS – Kolkata, RCOF – Bhubaneswar, NABARD – Kolkata, IIM - Kolkata] to learn different development aspects on organic farming, child rights, legal aids, human rights, future trading, Marketing, etc. Staffs are attaining different meetings being convened by District and Block authority, which have now make them confident.

Calcutta Samaritan, an NGO has visited to learn about SHG. Besides, many other officials and organizations came to our field office. This year two students (final semester) of IIM and 3 students of Kalyani University (Rural Development) have carried in-depth study on “Marketing prospect of JDP” and “Livelihood of SHG member through JDP” respectively.