Information – Education and Communication [IEC]


Information, education and communication (IEC) combine some strategies, approaches and methods to enable individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities to play active roles in achieving, protecting and sustaining their own health. Embodied in IEC is the process of learning that empowers people to make decisions, modify behaviours and change social conditions. Activities are developed based upon needs assessments, sound educational principles, and periodic evaluation using a clear set of goals and objectives. This year 12 numbers of Flex, Hoarding, etc have been prepared to disseminate the knowledge of Organic Jute, Consumer affairs, Sanitation and JDP.

For making aware the people more 2000 banner has been provided by the District Sanitation Cell and the Society has displayed throughout Barrackpur – 1 block. Eight numbers of Resource materials have been prepared this year on Watershed Development, PRA, Gender Development, SHG, Fruit plants, etc.