Special Project for Correctional Home

Correctional Home

During Balivara OFFER’s programmes in different areas among poor and helpless people, the Organization comes across a number of citizens, who have friends or relatives inside correctional home living a distressful and jobless life due to imprisonment. Interaction with these people compelled the Organisation to think of a special project for the people inside the big walls of the law of the state. So, the society started working on some projects considering the common requirements of the inmates.

NABARD extended support to undertake the project. Skill was imparted to the imparted and now the inmates are incurring income (50/- to 80/- per day) by producing JDP (Handicrafts). Total products are being sold by Balivara OFFER. Now, SAHARA India has come up to extend marketing support of the product of inmates. Slipper production in Medinipur Central Correctional Home will likely to be resumed shortly. Most of the artisans have released and needs another course of training.