Eco-Development and Agriculture


Traditional or indigenous knowledge is a written or oral set of practices common to a local community or an entire region. Such knowledge systems have played a major role in the development of communities worldwide, especially in India, especially in the areas of agriculture, health and medicine & animal care.

The knowledge or wisdom developed belongs to no one in particular and can be collectively claimed by the community or peoples of the region as their own. In most cases, such knowledge applies to natural resources available in the region and sharing or usage of such knowledge has no financial or commercial considerations. Also, importantly, such knowledge has an important role to play in the community’s well being, identity and in many cases even survival or existence.


India has a rich base of traditional knowledge systems that have come under severe threat over the past few decades for various reasons, including loss of biodiversity, bio-piracy and social changes. Balivara OFFER has been emphasizing to revive the culture of using traditional knowledge in order to reduce the cost of cultivation as well as preserve the Biodiversity.

Activities have been initiated by the Society for the marginal farmers as well as for tribal community:

Programme Implemented Operational Area Quantity / Number / Coverage Sponsored by
Formation of Farmers’ Group Barrackpur – I & Binpur – I 14 FG 272 farmers (3 Farmers’ Club) Own fund
Training on Organic Farming Barrackpur – I, Daspur – I & Binpur - I 31 Training - 987 farmers cultivating 24 acre Dept of S&T CAPART & Hort dept
Training on Vermicompost Barrackpur – I, Kanchrapara ULB Correctional Home 23 Training to 200 farmers and 10 SHG – producing 340 tons per annum CAPART I/CF-KUSP NABARD
Demonstration on Ecofriendly Cultivation Method Barrackpur – I 30 farmers directly and 150 farmers indirectly through 30 demonstration in 13 ac Dept of S&T, GoWB
Attended in Jatha, PIL and campaign against SEED BILL-2005 & GM SEED North 24 Pgs, Paschim Medinipur, N & S Dinajpur, Bankura & Maldah More than 5000 farmers attended in 7 numbers of Jatha different place Organized by different NGO at respective district
Published IEC materials (leaflet / CD / booklet / posters) N 24 Pgs, Paschim Medinipur, Bankura, Purulia & Maldah More than 10000 farmers go through the materials Dept of S&T, GoWB; CAPART; I/CF-KUSP; NABARD & Own Fund
Demonstration on SRI Barrackpur – I and Binpur – I 23 farmers in 6 acre Dept of Agriculture
Technology transfer on Organic Jute cultivation Barrackpur – I 10 farmers in 2 acre Own Fund
Technology transfer on Organic Vegetable cultivation Barrackpur – I, Daspur– I & Binpur– I 310 farmers 53 acre NCOF and NABARD
Development of Orchard (WADI) on waste land Binpur – I 300 farmers 300 acre NABARD under TDF
Transfer of technology to other NGO on Industrial Composting from Urban solid waste Tribeni Tissue - ITC (Balagar block of Hooghly district) NGO ITC Ltd.